Jakarta You have seen many divorced incidents. Often, in the family life, because of the level of adolescence, husband and wife divorce each other, but today we are going to tell you the unique story of divorce from Indonesia. In fact, Jakarta’s Women Giving Divorce to their husbands one by one. Last month, about 90 women filed a divorce application in the court. The most surprising thing is that all the reasons for divorce are the same for all women, yes and this is the reason why white pigeons.

Women Giving Divorce

Why Most Women Giving Divorce to their husband

Indeed, pigeon race is very popular in Indonesia. People here make money on this pigeon’s race. If they do not have money, they put their house in the same gambling. Sometimes people lose their gambling to this gambling. The fastest flying birds are sold here for thousands of rupees.

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Women Giving Divorce

The wives who are troubled by their husbands’s addiction are divorced from them. Women say they have to do this because of their poor health condition. Women say that her husband is engaged in this race all day. Instead of going to work, they spend their time in flying pigeons. In this way women are worried how their family will run and how to raise children.

Women Giving Divorce

Let us tell you that there are more female workers than male workers in Indonesia.

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