With Bangladeshi GF On Honeymoon

After friendship on Facebook, she fell in love with her Bangladeshi friend. Bangladeshi girl also came to Indore for the sake of love. This is not a common love story, this story is about the love of two girls With Bangladeshi GF On Honeymoon. Here is the girl of Bangladesh, then the role of Indore’s girl wife. Now Jeenat is staying in a hostel, while Indore’s girl is with her kin.

With Bangladeshi GF On Honeymoon

  • The case is about the love story between the daughter of an elite family of Indore and the daughter of a businessman who lives in Bangladesh’s Dhaka. Jeenat of Dhaka, Bangladesh, got a friendship through Facebook in 2012. After this, there was a long conversation between the two on the mobile. Gradually, this friendship turned into love and the daughter of the prosperous businessman of Dhaka came to Indore in 2013 for her love.

Here Jeenat Boyfriend and Indoorie Girl started walking around in the role of girlfriends.
For the sake of keeping his love, Jeenat took admission in BBA in private college. Both started living together. When the family of Indori girl came to know of this, they thought that after marriage, everything will be fine, they pressurize their daughter to get married. Girl precondition in the first fiercely protested after the crown will remain with him, then she would marry.

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In April 2015, Preeti’s family members got her married. After marriage, she asked her husband to take a honeymoon to Goa, and insisted that Jeenat should be taken along. The husband accepted her intentions and the three went to Goa. In Goa, husbands went to the room. Later, after taking husband’s objection, both of them fled to the hotel.

  • When the husband understood the whole story, he pressured his wife to leave Jeenat. On this she filed a case of dowry harassment against her husband. When the police heard the two sides after the investigation, the girls’ love story came out. The police also gave the explanation to both, but remained firm on the two sides to stay together.
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