Astrology is the story of brother and sister of Bhai Dooj in the Hindu society, celebrated after two days of Deepawali. And this day is also called Yama II, hence Yama Dev is also worshiped on this festival. Do you know Why Bhai Dooj Is Celebrated there is a legend behind this celebrating Bhai Dooj.

Why Bhai Dooj Is Celebrated

According to the Story, there were two offspring, one son Yamraj and the second daughter Yamuna. Due to not able to bear the sun’s sharpness, he created his own shadow and handed over to his son and daughter and left from there. Shadow had no attachment with Yama and Yamuna, but Yama and Yamuna had much love. Yamraj loved his sister Yamuna very much But due to additional workload, He can not meet his sister.

Why Bhai Dooj Is Celebrated

One day Yama went to meet his sister. Yamuna sees her brother and does not show off Made dish for brother and honored him. Yamraj was so pleased to see this respect and sister’s love that she had not even had any hope before that. After this happiness, Yama dedicated a variety of gifts to his sister Yamuna. When Yama went after meeting with her sister. He asked the sister Yamuna to ask for a boon of her wish.

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The Yamuna said to hear his request that brother … … if you want to give me the blessing, then give the same promise that on this day you will come here every year and accept my hospitality. Knowledgeable believe that the main purpose of this festival is to keep a flow of love. And bond between brother and sister.
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