In the movie , Udta Punjab , actress Alia Bhatt has played the role of a victim of Gangrape. Alia saya , its not esay to play such type of roles in a movie.

Just after the trailer of movie was out , people started appreciating Alia Bhatt including her father Mahesh Bhatt , a famous movie director. Shahid Kapoor even said that “Alia must be awarded the National Award for this type of role. “In an interview to a website, young actress told so.

About the controversy on CENSOR Borad,

“Alia said that CENSOR should not tell movie makers what to include or what to exclude. Movie makers make movies with responsibilities.”

Rape scenes in movie,

Alia Bhatt told ,

” See , Rape scenes would be uncomfortable. Although we know , these are just scenes and part of our work. This is not happening in reality. But still its not easy at all to perform those shots , when in front of whole unit , someone comes closer to you and holds your hands tightly.”