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Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan’s movie “Judwa 2” is about to release. Varun Dhawan is in Bollywood for just 5 years and he so far took 8 films and all the films got good response. Varun Dhawan Said I Can Not Kiss In Front Of My Dad. Recently Varun revealed during the promotion of the film that he was ashamed of doing any actress in front of his father. He could not do any actress in front of his father. Varun says that his father is a strict director. Working with them also brings fun and learning is also available.

Varun Dhawan Said I Can Not Kiss In Front Of My Dad

Tell that Varun and his father are working together for the second time. Before that both have worked together in ‘Mai Tere Hero’. Please tell that the first part of the ‘Judwa’ was also directed by David Dhawan.
Varun Dhawan’s acting debut is no shortage of debut in the films from ‘The Student of the Year’. But did you know that Aamir Khan had barred Varun Dhawan from the time of the auditions of the film ‘Dhobi Ghat’? Yes, you are reading right. Bollywood’s Perfectist did not understand the role of Varun’s acting film, so that Aamir had rejoined him during the auditions. This is not revealed by anyone but Varun himself.

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Actually, Varun told during an interview that Varun had given auditions for two big films before the student of the year. One of these was Dhobi Ghat. Let me tell that Amir’s wife Kiran Rao was debuting in the film as a director. Due to the failure of Varun’s auditions, this role was given to Babbar. But after this Varun got entry into films from Karan Johar’s Student of the Year.

Not only this, the Varun failed in the auditions of ‘Life of Pai‘, after which the roll was given to Suraj Sharma of Delhi. But even after losing these two big films, Varun made a good start and made his own place from the very first film.
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