using natural ways

If you talk about beauty, then every Bollywood actress gets her different looks and looks. Look like beautiful and unassailable as Hasina. But do you know that there is a huge roll of domestic remedies to showcase beautiful actresses in movies. Every woman wishes that she is always young and beautiful using natural ways.

Care Of Your Skin using natural ways

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Have a desire to get beautiful looks … Do you want your skin to be very beautiful, so be happy, because we will tell you how to nurture your skin and how to protect it so that it will be exactly the same It looks as if you look in the morning in the morning, as it appears.
Clean the face with a spoonful of rose water, half spoon cucumber juice and a few pure benzoine, mixing these three together. This solution also compresses the pores with cleansing of the face using natural ways

using natural ways

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Mixing a spoonful of vinegar in a teaspoon water, open the calyx by shutting it on the face with the cotton wool. Turn the strawberry pulp on open placards. It proves to be very effective in removing open pituitary.One spoon cucumber juice, one egg white, one teaspoon lemon juice and pinch of black pepper Mix them all together properly. Put it on the face as a rubbish. Wash the face with cold water after 10-15 minutes. It closes open placers.