Twinkle's Mother Thought Akshay Is A Gay

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar are known as the best of the film industry. But did you know that Twinkle’s Mother Thought Akshay Is A Gay. When he became disturbed, Dimple agreed for his marriage only. This secret reveled in a show Coffee With Karan.

Why Twinkle’s Mother Thought Akshay Is A Gay

Actually, during the show, Twinkle Khanna had talked about it. Twinkle had said it was not all that easy. He told that his mother, that is, Dimple Kapadia, Akshaya kumar understood Gay. In such a way it is difficult to explain them.

Twinkle's Mother Thought Akshay Is A Gay

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Twinkle said, one of his journalists told him this. He had said that Akshay is gay. He said that at first I did not believe this. When Twinkle said that with Dimple Kappadia’s Akshay when he got married to the marriage of Twinkle, they put a strange condition.

Dimple told Akshay that before marriage, both of them have to stay unmarried for one year together. If all is right then both can get married. Apart from this, Dimple also examined the genetic card, to know whether or not to be able to produce a newborn baby. After that she gave her permission for marriage.
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