Trump banned travel bans

Trump banned travel bans on North Korea, these 8 countries included. Amidst the growing tension between the United States and North Korea, President Donald Trump has listed a new list of travel bands.
Donald Trump has released a new list of travel bans between the growing tensions between America and North Korea. It includes eight countries, including North Korea, Venezuela and Chad. In order to impose travel restrictions on these countries, there has been an emphasis on poor security investigations and non-cooperation with the US authorities.

Trump banned travel bans on  these 8 countries

Ban completely on North Korea
Citizens of North Korea and Chad are barred while the Venezuelan government officials and their families is banned.

Trump imposed a travel ban on these countries.

This ban list contains the names of North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Chad, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. The ban on Sudanese citizens lifted.

No restriction based, condition based
A senior administrative official said that this ban is important for national security and is condition based and not time based. He said that if a country meets the standards of travel inquiries in the United States, then we can remove its name from the list. Apart from this, he said that this list made for foreign policy, national security and prevention of terrorism.

Trying to stop the entry of Muslims
Trump released new restrictions yesterday, which will replace the first order ending. The first order of travel bans had entrapped them in political and legal matters. The critics had alleged that the trump is trying to ban the entry of Muslims in the country since taking office in January.

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America’s First Security Priority

Trump tweeted that making America safer is their first priority. We will not allow those people to enter their country, whom we can not properly perform security checks. Sudan was one of the six countries which were previously ban on Muslim domination. Although Sudan’s name withdrawn inlist. There are now eight countries which have full or partial restrictions on the new stopping list of the United States.

Trump told that it needed
In the new order, the President said that this action is necessary for the nation to improve the process of identifying its citizens and to pressurize them to share information with the US.