Travelling Different States Without Spending Any Penny

If you plan to measure the entire India at one then your budget will reach in millions. Then, for such a long trip you will have to take a headache for a lot of bookings. Travelling Different States Without Spending Any Penny From the beginning to the last, there will be more antenna and tension. Now if we tell you that if a person traveled the entire country without having to spend a single rupee and is dealing with no headaches then what will be the faith.

Travelling Different States Without Spending Any Penny

Travelling Different States Without Spending Any Penny

Believe it or not, but this is the truth. Mishra, a resident of Allahabad who was living in Delhi for the job. Almost the entire country, having money in a pocket, is deployed in a trip. The most interesting thing is that they are completing these journeys by asking for lift from the people. For about two and a half days, they are on the journey.
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In a conversation with a newspaper, Ansh Mishra mentioned an anecdote. According to the excerpts, he was working in Delhi, then one day he was eating dinner on a dhaba. At the same time, a truck and a car rammed, according to the Ansh, the car had a fault but even then the trucker had to listen to it. When the truck went to meet the truck driver, the truck driver said that we spent our lives on the streets for the people of the country and the people, but we are called infamous. He questioned that liquor was kept in the car, then why do people just abuse the truckers?

After this incident, Ansh decided that they would tour the whole country and that too without money He wanted to prove that if you are civilized then everyone will help you. However, the extent has proven itself to a great extent and has completed the journey of 8 states. In the first week of October, he have entered Madhya Pradesh and will complete their journey by reaching Delhi by October 15.

Interesting Experience of the Way

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The excerpts show that he started his journey from Allahabad. The first lift took on the scooty. After that, the cycle started moving from BMW to bullock carts and demanded lift. From the desert to the 7 star hotels, the hotel has stayed. It is not that everything was very easy, even during difficult times, it was also difficult to cope with the situation, once he was hungry for 26 consecutive hours, then there was a lift after waiting for 9 hours on a highway. Being quite active on social media, he keeps on putting the whole story of his journey on it. After returning, there is a plan to write a book on your Experience.
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