Toxic liquor traders

In Uttar Pradesh, approval for the life imprisonment and punishment-e-death for people engaged in toxic and illegal liquor business has been cleared. Governor Ram Naik has approved the Ordinance of the State Government. Government Stamp On Punishment Of Death Penalty To Toxic Liquor Traders. After this, now the people who are suffering from poisonous liquor and illegal liquor business have been screwed up in Uttar Pradesh. Yogi passed this proposal in the Cabinet meeting of the Adityanath government last week. Now after the approval of the Uttar Pradesh Excise (Amendment) Ordinance-2011, the rules and regulations related to it will become more stringent.

Death Penalty To Toxic Liquor Traders

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Actually, due to the death of poisonous liquor and death due to its death, Yogi Adityanath Government, after discussing this issue in his Cabinet meeting last day, had passed the life sentence for the convicts from the jail sentence to death sentence-e-death. It was left to get the seal of Governor Ram Nayak only, which is now complete. In view of the absence of State Legislative Assembly session and the urgency of the subject, the governor has approved the Cabinet’s proposal. Naik conducted a legal examination of the matter before approving the Ordinance, and then stamped his acceptance.

However, now within six months, the government will have to call the Legislature Session. Instead of the Ordinance and pass the bill from both the Houses and send it to the Governor. For approval because the period of effectiveness of the Ordinance is only six months.

Explain that the provisions of certain sections in UP have made more stringent than before. Due to the implementation of this revised excise ordinance. With the introduction of new Section 60-A in the act. Provision of life imprisonment or financial penalty of Rs 10 lakh or both, or death. If there is a death due to death or permanent disability, has been provided for selling illegal liquor or for consumption.
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