this picture did you see – TodayIndians |

this picture did you see – TodayIndians |

Whenever a picture or video is viral on social media, there is no hidden truth or mystery hidden behind it. This time is of social media and technical, so any photo or video gives evidence of their being and becomes viral for only a few hours in the country and the world, due to their own specialty. Since the smart phones have come in the revolution of science, the trend of uploading Pictures from dangerous to dangerous places to social media has started.


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Many such photos are posted on social media, from which we have taken a picture for you to see which will make you smile. There is something hidden in this picture, what do you see?
Carefully see, there is something hidden in this picture …

Look at this lady sitting on the sofa, and then look at where this lady is sitting, you will know what the woman is trying to hide! This whole family and this woman have been sitting at the top of a person, or say that someone is trying to hide this person, but by mistake, he came out in this picture.

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