With the children’s skin being extremely fragile and sensitive, they lose moisture five times faster than adults. In such a case, it is particularly advisable to protect children’s skin during winters. Take care of children in winter because skin of children are much more sensitive than ours. Uday Anant, former president of the Indian Pediatric Academy, Mumbai, has given these suggestions regarding the skin care of children during the winter.

How To Take Care Of Children In Winter

Take care of children in winter

  • Children’s baths should be limited in winter. Dust from the skin of the children with bath, removal of dirt, natural oil and moisture also gets removed, although there will be no problems if some precautions are taken. Instead of taking the baby for a long time, do not shout. Bubble baths can be on special occasions. In winter, children bath with lukewarm water.

Take care of children in winter

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Bring the baby to the pH balance with gentle soap. This keeps moisture in the skin of children, if you live in salt water area, then the skin can be rigid due to only bathing the child with water.
Children in the winter may have problems with red rash, itching. Due to the use of heater, the skin may be rigid, so children should have gentle baby lotions.

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  • Do not wear other woolen cloths including woolen cap, because it is likely to cause confusion, itching, rash and eczema. Wearing a wool cap can make the face skin dry, so select the natural fabrics instead of the synthetic as much as possible. This will cause children’s skin to breathe freely and sweat will not come out.
  • To keep moisture in your child’s skin, give them warm water in winter. It will also keep the skin nourished.
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