Student Harassed Women Teachers

There is a debate over the safety of schoolchildren in another country, while a bfrom DPS School of Kanpur has tried to commit suicide by accusing a teacher of discrimination. In this case, three women teachers have been sued. Student Harassed Women Teachers, Tried To Commit Suicide. The kin of the student alleged that the teacher used to discriminate with him and on Saturday searched his bag saying that he brings a pistol to the school.

Student Harassed Women Teachers, Tried To Commit Suicide

After this, the students fell asleep in the night after drinking a phenyl. This student also wrote a suicide note in which he mentioned the harassment of female teachers. However, the situation of the student remains fragile. After this incident, the administration has ordered the investigation of the case. There are allegations that the three teachers had asked the class and school children not to interact with this student, in such a situation the children of the school used to make fun of this student too.

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According to the information, three female teachers of DPS School located in Kalyanpur area are accused of discrimination against the student. The victim’s family says that due to these three teachers their son has attempted suicide. People of the victim said that on Saturday, when the students reached the school. The teachers stopped him and searched for his bag. When asked about the reason for the student’s search, he was told that he comes with a pistol in the school bag. The child hurriedly fell by drinking the phenyl and went to sleep. He was admitted to the hospital when the condition was bad, where his condition remained serious.

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In this case, the case has been filed against three school teachers of the school. It was revealed in the investigation that the student wrote a suicide note after drinking the phenyl. In which he mentioned the harassment of teachers.
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