special weapon

Pakistan has expressed concern about America-India deal, in which the United States has entered into an agreement to sell special weapon 22 garrison drones to India. On this deal, Pakistan says that its results will be bad, because it will create strategic imbalance in the region.

What Is This Special Weapon

Let us tell you that in June, the US had approved the sale of 22 shooter drones to India. After that, in July, the US issued a compulsory license to export 22 peddler Guardian drones to India. Now let us know what is special in this weapon, which is scared of Pakistan.

special weapon

From the entry of the Guardian in the Indian Navy’s weapons, the Guardian drone in the Indian Ocean region will increase the naval surveillance capacity of India in the Indian Ocean region. It is said that this will help in monitoring the maritime border.

The estimated cost of these drones is $ 2 billion (about 13 thousand crores). Generally, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems manages the Guardian drone equipped with this dangerous and many modern features. Explain that General Atomics is the leading company of unmanned aircraft.

special weapon

Guardian is Human less aircraft system. This is the new type of Predator B drone, also known as MQ-9 Reaper. This is the first US Air Force’s Hunter-Killer UAV, which is Human less weapon.

It is more powerful than the old MQ-1, because it has a 900 horsepower turbo-probe engine and it flows three times faster than the old predator.Earlier, the Indian Navy had demanded this drone last year for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities. General Entomics says that can use for monitoring and intelligence campaigns in the wider area.

This drone can fly at a height of 50,000 feet and can stay in the air for 27 hours. It has the capacity of 1769 kilograms of fuel.

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