Rules Applied From Today

With the opening of the third quarter of the current financial year from October 1, many major changes are going on. New Banking, TRAI Toll Plaza Rules Applied From Today. These changes are related to your everyday life, ranging from the price of goods sold in the market to bank phones to cheap phone calls.

Minimum balance limit in SBI decreases Rules Applied From Today

State Bank of India has reduced the minimum balance limit in the savings account. Now it is necessary to keep a minimum balance of Rs. 3000 instead of five thousand rupees in metro cities. At the same time, the bank has given exemption from minimum balance to pensioners and minors.

No Fees On Account Closure

SBI has also changed the fees for closure of the account since October 1. If you close the account from 14 days to one year, then no fees will be charged in it. At the same time, after the period of closure, the account will be charged for five hundred rupees and GST.

Change The Check Books Of Merge Banks In SBI

Those who have merged bank accounts in SBI, they will have to change it immediately. Since October 1, the old check books and IFSC codes of these banks will be invalid after September 30. In such a situation, customers have to go to Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM or Bank branch and apply for a new check book.

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Call Rates Will Be Cheaper

TRAI has reduced call interconnection charges from 14 paisa to 6 paisa per minute since October 1. This is given by the operator of one telecom operator to connect the charging call to the other operator. It is thus expected that telecom companies can now make call rates cheaper.

Do Not Have To Wait On Toll Plaza

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system has been implemented from October 1 on the National Highway. The required Fastagues for this will now be available online. NHAI has also launched two mobile apps called My Fastag and Fastag Partner for this. In such a way, now you will not have to take the line to give toll.

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Accessories Available At The New MRP

After the GST was implemented from July 1, the companies had given 3 months to clear the old stuff, whose limit is now ending on September 30. That is, from October 1, you will get packed goods of new MRP in shops.

These new prices will be based on changes in prices after the GST is implemented. If a shopkeeper is found to sell the goods at the old MRP even after September 30, then such material can be seized. However, according to some reports, the government has extended its deadline for the convenience of traders till December 31, but there has not been any official statement about this.
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