China is full of amazing things. Here you will find some strange things in every street. In each country there are some things that do not match any country. These countries hold a special identity. Occasionally these special things become popular all over the world and people from far away come to see them. The rock gives eggs every 30 years. These smooth eggs are first in a shell and the rock uses them, but after a few days the eggs fall on the surface.

rock gives eggs

“Up until now, you have seen and heard creatures and feathered creatures giving eggs, however in this vivid world, shakes additionally lay eggs. This stone has shaken the psyche of enormous researchers as well.” What happens after a soothing and lifeless rock gives eggs every 30 years?
Collect eggs

Why This Rock Gives Eggs

rock gives eggs

This rock is in the ‘Gizhou’ province in south-western China, about 20 meters long and 6 meters high. The name of this rock is ‘Chan Dan Ya’. The locals consider these eggs to be symbols of happiness. When these eggs fall on the ground then the villagers collect them and bring it to their home. This rock was built 500 million years ago.

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It is a black and cold rock, which is usually found in many areas. The changing form of these rocks was also troubled by the scientists. But in a research the scientists have found out about this rock. After all, because of this, these rock gives eggs!
How does the rock take the form of eggs

rock gives eggs

During the testing of the geologists, it was discovered that this rock was made of a special part of ‘Mount Gandeng’ during the ‘Cambrian Period’ 500 million years ago. These black rocks are found in many areas of the earth.
According to experts, as there are changes in weather and environment from time to time, these rocks also have high temperature and sometimes have to face very cold weather. Because of which changes in their internal structure. This is the reason that many types of shapes emerge.

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However, it is yet to be revealed that how these oval and smooth shapes are formed on this rock. The villagers take these stones as good luck and take them home and keep them decorated.


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