You often see that many people take a long line to get marry to a beautiful girl. Every girl has a dream that love a lovely girl and make her a life partner. But today you are going to tell you about a place where beautiful young women are looking for a unique love.But they put some conditions Read Conditions below.

Read Conditions Here…

Read Conditions

The story of the village of Noiva 2 Códareiro in Brazil is like the famous stories of Greek, where there is a small village between the hills. Of course, it is very difficult to meet unmarried men in this village of 600 women and for girls here The search is incomplete. Most of the women in the village are between 20 and 35 years of age. Nelma Fernandes, who lives here, says that there are  married man or a relative in the village.
The girls living in the village say that they also dream of love and marriage. However, she does not want to leave the village for this. She wants to stay here even after marriage. Girls want girls to come to their village after marriage and stay in their own rules and regulations.

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