The Joint Parliamentary Committee is annoyed with the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Urjit Patel. RBI is angry with Governor Patel. Parliamentary committee says that Urjit Patel is not taking the meeting seriously and taking opinion of the committee.

RBI Is Angry With Governor Patel

RBI Is Angry With Governor Patel

In fact, RBI governor Urjit Patel had to meet the Parliamentary Committee to discuss the financial solutions and deposit insurance bill, but he deployed two other officers in his place. Joint Parliamentary Committee says that the committee formed to seek. The central bank’s opinion on this important bill.

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Bhupendra Yadav, chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee. After the MP’s protest, says that the suggestions of RBI officials will be heard. But the question of governor Patel’s replacement by him does not arise. MPs say that Urjit Patel is not paying full attention to his responsibilities. MPs say that this bill will prove to be important in making the economy trustworthy. And transparent but Patel panel is not giving proper opinion about the bill.

RBI governor Urjit Patel met the Standing Committee of Finance twice this year, but MPs say they were not communicating properly. Patel had met the Standing Committee in July. Then he had said that the RBI is still counting the old notes deposited in the note-book.
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