Rahul Mistakenly Entered The Women Toilet

Rahul Gandhi’s tour of Gujarat and he is targeting BJP at different places and targeting the BJP. In the same sequence. When Rahul mistakenly entered the women toilet instead of men. He reached Udaipur where he addressed a rally.

When Rahul Mistakenly Entered The Women Toilet

There is a picture of Rahul that has become very viral in the social media between political virtues and rhetoric. Actually in media reports it is being said that when Rahul Gandhi went to the toilet after the meeting, he went to women’s toilet instead of men.

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There was no sign board outside the toilet which Rahul went to, but in Gujarati a note was stuck on which the toilet for women was written. Rahul did not pay attention to this and went inside. As soon as they entered, their security guard was deployed outside the toilet, but as soon as Rahul came out, he came in the eye of the media.

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