Puneesh said Bandagi Take off your Shots

Puneesh said Bandagi Take off your Shots – TodayIndians

Puneesh said Bandagi Take off your Shots – TodayIndians

In the ‘Big Boss’ season 11, where Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta are fighting each other from the beginning. At the same time, there is also a couple at home, whose love is growing in the wall of the Big Boss House. Talking about Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra, who are seen romancing each other in the house. Their real love is seen in the dark area of ​​the night in the garden area. On being dark, where Celebes enjoys sleeping on their beds, both of them enjoy each other’s company in the Garden Area.

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In that Darkness Puneesh is saying in the ear of Bandagi – “Take down shots.” In the answer, the Bandagi says, “To open the button, I will open the jeep. Anyway, this is very short, there will be no problem in taking it.” Do not ask for further removal, do not need to remove the top? Puneesh says, is needed. Then bandagi speaks, she will also drop it. Click Here to See The Entire Video.

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Tell that, Salman Khan had taught the Bandagi and Puneesh in this weekend war. Salman asked both of them to adopt balanced behavior on the screen. They said that their parents also see this show, so behave like they can do in front of their parents too.Salman Khan said that for their kissing and bold scene. An unseen video related to NES has been released, in which Puneesh is sitting on the couch with the Bandagi and is asking them to take out their shots.

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