The cricketer, who proposed Virat for marriage, now a joke on her mistake


Indian cricketer Virat Kohli’s fans are not only in India but also in foreign countries . Her name is one of the same fans in the name of England’s female cricketer Daniel Wyatt. Daniel recently tweeted about Virat Kohli, after which he came on the target of Kohli’s fans.

proposed Virat

In fact, Daniel recently shared the picture of a bat on his social media account Twitter, which has written Virat Kohli’s name, after his tweet, Kohli Fans has made fun of Daniel.

Now you should be wondering why they were joking about it and tell us that Virat Kohli has replaced Virat Kohli (Virat KHOLI) instead of Kohli . Many fans of this tweet made fun of him on this tweet.

proposed Virat

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One person tweeted, ‘Till now opened up !! Room means the room, whereas Virat means huge ‘. One person tweeted while writing that ‘you love him (from Virat) and want to marry, at least pay attention to his name’ . Many people have commented on their tweets that their name is KOHLI not (KHOLI).

proposed Virat

Let’s say that in the year 2014 Daniel had tweeted “Kohli Mary Me” i.e . Kohli marry me, even at that time, she had written Kohli up there . Not only this, after tweeting Daniel, he called them ‘special player’.Daniel shared with Virat on social media . Please tell that Daniel Cricketer is the friend of Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar . Danielle often shares photos with Arjun.

proposed Virat

In the year 2014, he shared a picture with Arjun and wrote that it is good to see my younger fellow today at Lords . Let Daniel know that he is quite active on social media . If you like news, whenever you go to England for Arjun Cricket Practice, you definitely meet Daniel.


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