physical relationship with minor wife will be considered a rape

The Supreme Court, while hearing a petition seeking reduction of the age limit to make a physical relationship with minor wife, made it clear that the deadline for this can not be reduced. Making a physical relationship with minor wife will be considered a rape 15 to 18 years, asking the question that while hearing a petition, the court has made it clear that it will be treated as a crime.

Physical Relationship With Minor Wife Will Be Considered A Rape

In fact, the exception of the Indian Penal Code 375 (2) law states that if a husband is married to 15 to 18 years of age, then it will not be treated as a rape, and according to the law of child marriage, the age of marriage is 18 years. Should be there.

Explain that having a physical relationship with the wife of 15 to 18 years is considered as a rape? On this question, the Supreme Court had reserved its verdict after hearing the court last week. On this issue, it was said to the Central Government that the exception of Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code should be maintained, which protects the husband. This protection is essential in child marriage cases. At the same time, the court had requested the apex court not to cancel. This section and the Parliament has decided to consider it and set a deadline for the decision.

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Keeping in view the side of the central government. It was said that child marriage in India is a social reality and it is the work of Parliament to make law on it. Courts should not interfere in it. However, on the plea of ​​the Central Government that this tradition has been running for centuries. Parliament is giving it protection. On this, the court had said during the hearing that the practice of Sati was also going on for centuries. But it was also eliminated, not necessarily. The practice that has been going on for centuries has been right.
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