Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shahid Khakon Abbasi, once again kicked the Kashmir Nation in the United Nations General Assembly.Pak Seeks Kashmir Issue Pak PM has sought to deploy a special envoy to the UN from Kashmir. Pak alleged that people’s struggle in Kashmir was being crushed by India. Apart from this, Abbasi also accused India of running terror activities in Pakistan.

Pak Seeks Kashmir Issue

Pak Seeks Kashmir Issue

Speaking on Kashmir issue, Abbasi says, “India is crushing the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.” During his entire speech in the UN, Abbasi 17 times mentione Kashmir and mentione 14 times India. Abbasi also says that from the first day of formation of Pakistan, it has to face its neighborly hostility. Abbasi says, “India refuses to implement the UN Security Council’s proposals. According to which the people of Jammu and Kashmir have the right to decide their fate through referendum. Instead, India has deployed 7 lakh soldiers to Kashmir to crush the Kashmiri conflict. ‘

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Pak PM said, “Kashmir issue should be resolve equally, peaceful and fast.” While India is not ready to make peace in Pakistan. In such a situation, the UN should deploy a special envoy to Kashmir. “Abbasi accuses India of violating the siegefire and said that since January this year. India has violated the cesfire 600 times, but Pakistan has worked with restraint Have done. Pak PM said, “If India does not stop firing on the border then Pakistan will have to retaliate.”

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Referring to the use of pallet guns in Kashmir, Abbasi said, “Indian Army has blinded thousands of Kashmiris and their children by using pallet guns.” Abbasi also accused India of not following the Geneva Conventions rules Planted Pak PM demanded action from UN against those who tortured in Kashmir.


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