Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmavati has once again got into controversy. Padmavati Can Face The Crisis. Now the young Rajput army of Madhya Pradesh has opposed this film. The people of this army opposing the film in Gwalior say that many points of historical importance have been tampered with in this movie. At the same time, the young Rajput army worker threw the film’s banner-poster in Gwalior. This army says that if there is any disputed scene in the film, then they will not allow the film to be displayed. Earlier, Shiv Sena workers in Madhya Pradesh also stood against the film. These people had demanded to remove Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s effigy from the film and remove all the disputed scenes.

Padmavati Can Face The Crisis

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It is tell that the film is in disputes since its inception. On Monday, young Rajput army activists in Gwalior have accused the film of molestation of many historical facts. During this time the workers lodged their protest by tearing the posters of the film. These people say that if such controversial facts are not removed in the film, then we will not allow the film to be played in whole of Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, the activists of the young Rajput army said that the history of Padmavati is being presented in the film wrongly. The widow who did not let the shadow of the Mughals fall on herself, how she is described as a wicked mogul’s girlfriend. This is an insult to the Indian heroes. We will not tolerate it at any cost.

Padmavati Can Face The Crisis

Earlier Shiv Sena had protested against the film and said that Hindu organization. And Shiv Sena opposes Purjor when the history of Padmavati is tampered with. We will not allow the film to be screened if we find a disputed scene in the film.
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