It is important to link the driver’s license to the aadhar, it is necessary to link the process driving license to the Aadhar card. Needing to link the driving license to the Aadhar. It is also necessary to link the process basis to a driver’s license. Learn how in this post you can link it.

Needing to link the driving license to the Aadhar

Needing to link the driving license to the Aadhar

It is now also mandatory to link the Aadhar card to a driver’s license. Last day Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had announced this. Although it is being talked with the Transport Ministry and the two documents will be linked to the CAS, the process is also being worked on.

It is being said that the process of linking licenses for aadhar-driving licenses will remain separate. We will tell you about this process here, which can be different from one state to another, but the basic system will be almost the same.

Such a link from a driving license to a Aadhar card

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Link to link driving license from aadhar will give on the website of the Road Transport Department of all states.

First of all go to the State Road Transport Department website. Click on “Aadhaar Number Entry”.

  • Select “Search Element” as the registration number or license.

  • Enter your registration or license number here.

  • Clicking on the “Get Details” icon will show you the full details of your vehicle.

Below this, the Aadhar number and the mobile number column will appear.

  • Enter the 12 digit Aadharnumber with valid mobile number.

  • Confirmation message will be sent to mobile on click on subset button.
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