Like women Men also need to take care of hair, skin and feet. It is also necessary to apply moisturizer on the face, so that their Men’s Skin Care does not look rudimentary. Magniif’s co-founder Deepali Mathur-Dayal has given some suggestions in this regard.

Men’s Skin Care Are Follows

Men's Skin Care

  • Every type of skin needs care. It can look you younger and younger than your actual age for 20 years. The beauty salon beauty expert can tell you about your skin friendly products.
    Well cut hair in the correct shape makes your personality more attractive. According to your hair style, go to the salon every 2-4 weeks. Wash hair every two days. You can also consult with Hair Expert about the right handling of hair.

Men's Skin Care

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– There is no good in the world without eyebrows. Men’s eyebrows must be thick, dense and in the right shape.Men should use facial or face clingers instead of ordinary soaps that make the face skin dry, so the skin remains soft. Apply moisturizer to maintain moisture in the skin.

Men's Skin Care
Shaving also gives you an undesirable look. Keep a shave or a clean shave look according to the size and personality of your face. You can go to the salon and take advice from the expert in this regard too.

Men's Skin Care

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To keep healthy, it is also necessary to cut the hands and feet nails and keep them clean. Cream for hands and feet to keep the skin soft. Do the padicure at least every three months.


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