mass graves 28 Hindus found in hit Rakhine

At this time there is little violence in the world for some or nothing. Violence has been taking place in the name of religion since ancient times. In the affair of some people, many innocent people lose their lives in this violence. Today’s times, people have adopted humanity by forgetting humanism.This time mass graves 28 Hindus found in hit Rakhine. In a sense, terrorists like ISIS are spreading horror, on the other hand North Korea is threatening the people of the world openly on their own weapons.

mass Graves 28 Hindus

mass graves 28 Hindus found in hit Rakhine

At present the condition of Myanmar has worsened. The conditions in Myanmar are not taking the names of the improvements. Recently, the mass grave gathering of 28 Hindus in violence-hit Rakhine has created a sensation in the world. The Myanmar army Sunday claimed that these mass graves 28 Hindus found in hit Rakhine. The army has blamed Muslim Rohingyas for this misdeed. A statement has been posted on the Army Chief’s website, which states that the security members received the bodies of 28 Hindus and they were evacuated.

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In Ashvin State, ARSA extremist Bengali terrorists have killed them. The Arakan Rohingya Selvashan Army (ARSA) group fiercely attacked police checkpoints. After this, the army launched such a big campaign that the United Nations came into the middle and also said that the ethnic minority’s ethnic cleansing was being done. According to the information, more than 430000 Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh from this region within a month.

The bodies of 6 children involved in the grave:

Not only that, about 30000 Hindus and Buddhists who lived in the area have been displaced. Some of them have also admitted that Rohingya terrorists threatened them. Army said that bodies of 22 women and 8 men recovered from security forces. Of which 6 boys were under 10 years of age. Myanmar government spokesman Jav Hte confirmed the meeting of 28 tombs on Sunday.

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According to a senior police officer in northern Rakhine, 10-15 bodies buried at each place. The army chief also informed that the name of the village. Where the graves found in the village is what is it. This area is adjacent to the Myung area of ​​the northern and northern part of Hindus and Muslims. If the Hindus of the regions believed, the terrorists entered their village on August 25 and those who came in the middle killed them. Some people took him along with him too. No political party from Myanmar came to the salon to confirm this incident.

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