Man Making A Video Of A Woman Secretly While Traveling Caught

The Facebook post of Indian-origin woman Uma Maheshwari, living in Singapore, is being read very well at this time.Man Making A Video Of A Woman Secretly While Traveling Caught. Through this post, he has told how a man was secretly making video while traveling in the metro. Uma Maheshwari grabbed this person and put the details of the entire incident on Facebook. Uma said that in Singapore, when Harper Front was going to meet his friend from Outrme, a man sat on his front seat and sat down. After a while he took the mobile out of his pocket and started to see something. But Uma was skeptical of his actions because he had kept the mobile in a lot of depth so that the fingers could not come in front of the camera.

Man Making A Video Of A Woman Secretly While Traveling Caught

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If Uma carefully looked at the window glass behind her suspicion, the camera of the person’s mobile was moving and she was making pictures with great ease. After this, Uma also took out her mobile and captured her antics. After this, the whole case was reported to Singapore Police and MRT Metro Station.

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Soon afterwards a team of police and metro administration reached. At first, the person refused to do anything like this, but when he was called, he started applying and telling Uma as his sister.

Uma’s Facebook has so far shared 28 thousand people and even praised them. People say that Uma has dared to speak against the person and complained. It is a big deal because women generally become silent in such incidents.
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