It is always instructed to lose weight, eat Low fat food, but in a recent research, it has been found that eating less fat items can also threaten your life . McMaster University of Canada did this research in the leadership of Andrew Mante, which was on 1,035,000 people from 18 countries of 5 continents.

Low fat food

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Low Fat Food Causes

University chief Mehsad says that consumption of Low fat food lowers carbohydrate consumption. Thereby increasing the life-threatening risk of a person’s life.

Low fat food

Research shows that people in South Asian countries eat very low fat items. Consume more carbohydrate because of this, the rate of death increases significantly. Let us know that the National Health Service has advised to eat low-fat things in the food. The NHS also issued a warning and said that due to the high amount of fat.The heart-related beers would increase.


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