Like Button Maker Removed Facebook App

Like Button Maker Removed Facebook App from his phone himself. Justin Rosenstein was the engineer who had made this special feature in Facebook in 2007, but now the same person is upset about the effect it has on the mental condition of people due to the app.
He is so upset that he has also removed himself from the Reddit and Snapchat. Not only that, he bought a new iPhone and told his assistant that there should be such a system that no app can be installed in it.

Why Like Button Maker Removed Facebook App

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He even said that Snapchat is actually like any drugs like ‘heroin’. According to him, Facebook ‘Likes’ makes some sense of fake pleasure but their impact is negative.
The threat of ‘continuous partial character.

He told the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ that man makes something with good intentions, but he does not want to go wrong sometimes. According to a research, the time the young spend on social media, the probability of their depression is so high.

According to the research, the worst effect on people’s health is with Instagram. People just do not like the addiction of these apps, but the social media is also being weakened by the intelligence of the people. This is called ‘continuous partial character’, which gives people the ability to focus and IQ less.
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