Google office in Silicon Valley have huge number of Indian Employees working there. India is always the largest producer in IT companies as well as huge number of Indians are working in abroad. The only worry in every Indian’s mind will come before going to abroad is the Indian Food will be available there or not, can we adjust with the food habits of abroad. Although, parents also get worried about the children’s food habits in abroad.

Here, Google reduce all the worries related to the food habits. Google introduce a Restaurant named ‘Baadal’ dedicated to all Indian Employees where all Indian employees can easily enjoy the Indian food like at the home. Not only Indian employee every employee can enjoy the Indian meal at ‘Baadal’ Restaurant.

The interior design of ‘Baadal’ decorated with Indian Flag, Map as well as the Bollywood Posters on the wall. This will give a Indian feel to all the Indian Employees who always miss their home. Google makes a great change for Indian Employees and provide a Indian feel to all. The another amazing thing is that Google is not taking any expenses for this, Google provides all meals of this restaurant in free of cost.

Interior Decoration
Interior Decoration

Dishes of this amazing Restaurant is also popular and the taste of the Food is as like as the Food at Home. Menu of this latest restaurant change everyday but some of the dishes will remain same. Food is an essential part of everyone’s life and if the Indian food is available in abroad this will be the most precious thing.

Dishes At 'Baadal'
Dishes At ‘Baadal’

A food truck is also parked outside the that also offered some dishes from its menu and another shocking thing is that its name is ‘Bijli’ which is also dedicated to Indians.

Bijali Truck
Bijali Truck

This amazing gift of Google to Indian Employees shows how Google take care about Indian’s feelings and also gives a perfect importance to their employees.

We thanks the world’s largest Search Engine Company for providing the Indian feel in abroad to Indian Employees.


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