Las Vegas Shooter Carried 23 Guns

Millionaire gunman Stephen Padock, who killed 59 people in Las Vegas,Las Vegas Shooter Carried 23 Guns in his hotel room. She also kept thousands of tablets in 10 bags together. Learn how he did fire.

How Las Vegas Shooter Carried 23 Guns

Stephen Padock, who killed 59 people and injured 527, broke the glass of two windows on the hotel’s 32nd floor. So that he could target people at two locations.
According to the media report, he had set two rifles on the tripod.

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It is said that he did not take so many weapons together at the hotel. In many days, he used to carry so many more weapons in turn. There were several of the quality military standards. He had an automatic gun. While there were two such guns, in which 800 round fire
Staphen padock’s car has also got the goods to make the bomb from the car. Padak was 64 years old. According to the police, there was no criminal record against Stephen.

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But Stephen’s father was a bank robber who escaped prison. He was in the FBI’s most wanted list. Stefan lived in a city, about 130 kilometers from Las Vegas. He used to invest in the property. Had a passion for gaming.
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