Since the fight with Sunil Grover, the mountains of troubles have broken down on Kapil Sharma. Kapil Sharma’s show has been closed because of poor health. He comes in the headlines about some controversy that he has come up. It is being reported this time that Kapil Sharma’s fiancee  Ginni has broken.

Kapil Sharma's fiancee

Let’s say that after the quarrel with Sunil, Kapil had shared the picture of his girlfriend Ginni Chatterha on social media. At the same time, she had even talked of marrying by the end of this year, but according to the recent information, there is nothing right between Kapil Sharma’s fiancee Ginni and Kapil now. Both have been broken. Kapil’s female crew member is the reasons for both the breakup.

Kapil Sharma's fiancee

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Why Kapil Sharma’s fiancee Broke up

According to information, Kapil was dating the crew member for the past few years. The show’s team repeatedly explained to Kapil but Kapil did not want to hear anything about him. Tell me some time ago there was news of Kapil’s affair with a crew member. Not only that it is said that the news itself was spread by the same girl. Right now, Kapil has not made any statement in the media in this matter.


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