jobless today

When a player wins the medal, it is a matter of pride for the whole country. For many days, that player’s echo is day and night on social media, newspapers and news channels. It is not a small matter to bring medal in the b, perhaps because these players win a medal in the country and come into the limelight. But the players who bring medal for the country are still running home selling goods on the road who is jobless today.

today jobless

Shooter Vijay Kumar, who won the silver medal in the Olympics in 2012, is looking for a job these days. In conversation with the media, Vijay has disclosed many things. Although there have been reports of many players who have won medals in the Olympics, they are quite surprised. Last month it was reported that the medal winner in the Olympics is forced to sell golpets in Rajasthan.But he is jobless today. players who bring medal for the country are still running home selling goods on the road.

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He is jobless today difficult to run a house in a pension

jobless today

In a conversation with the media, Vijay said that his commission with the Indian Army in February has ended. Even training costs have to be borne by them and it costs a lot of money. He said, “I have shifted to Faridabad so that I can stay close to the shooting center.” If the Haryana government gives me a job then I will also happily represent. Vijay has to spend 15 thousand rupees every day to practice the army without any support. Even the pension they get, it is also difficult to run in the house.

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