Jain Muni asks Nude photos

The girl accusing Rape of Jain Muni Shanti Sagar, claimed that Muni had ordered her Nude photo on the pretext of peace and tranquility. Victim told this story to Bhaskar through legal counselor, gynecologist and psychologist. Jain Muni asks Nude photos. Victim said that Shanti Sagar asked to chat about things like happiness and success of the parents and at the same time forced him to forcibly create physical relations. Asked for pornographic photos on Whatsapp

Jain Muni Asks Nude photos

Jain Muni asks Nude photos

According to Victim, a 19-year-old, “For the first time in Mandvi on March 31, I met Acharya Shantisagar along with the family. We all became enchanted by his discourse, urged her to be a disciple and started religious education. Shanti Sagar started  SMS and Whatsapp and asked me to chat for happiness and success and also call me. ”

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  • The girl told that two months ago Shanti Sagar called up and said, “You have to chant for happiness and peace. Send your photo.” According to him, I did WhatsApp photos. Calling again, he said, “I consider you a friend. Send one of your nude photos, it is also needed.”
    “After this, Shantiagar continued to do WhatsApp again and again when we came to Surat for Chaturmas, and then ordered her to dance for me as a Dakshina.”

Forced to create physical relation by scare

  • Bakal Victim, “13 days ago Muni called us and told to stay at night I took my parents in the house and sat in the other room, turning the peacock feathers on my body. They took me in. There I asked, what do you want? I said, parents and I should be happy.
  • He said, “Well, do as I say, and then asked me to take off the clothes.” he said, “If you want to see your father happy, otherwise he will die” Jain Muni Shantisagar Forced and scared to create a physical relation, and then said, “If  tells anyone about this your parents will die. I went into the brother’s room and panicked and said that we should get out of here. While returning to Vadodara, the family narrated the situation. “

Decision to file case after counseling

  • Victim further said, The next day, we met the lawyer in Vadodara and asked to complain and check up. Confirmation has been made in the investigation of gynecologist and they also advised to complain. We were scared that what the society would do to complain against Jain Muni. Meanwhile, counseling of a psychologist gave me the courage.”

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“I told my father that Muni has to be punished, we went to Vadodara Mahila police station. Saroj Kumar of DGP Crime spoke to ACP Law Choudhury of Surat, then came to Surat and filed a complaint. The culprit should be punish, so that it does not happen to any other girl. ”
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