Indias Golden Boy

Indias Golden Boy – Today Indians |

Indias Golden Boy – Today Indians |

There is a man from Maharashtra who is leaving behind the gold lover. Who has gold shoes, cars to mobile.

Everyone have a dream that one day they became rich and live a luxurious life. The richest choice in India is the gold. We have many gold fonders who wear gold from golden shirts and also on the body. Take Bollywood Singer Bappi Lahiri as well. He is wearing so much gold on the body that he is discussing everywhere. But most of all, there is a man in Maharashtra who is leaving behind all the gold lover. Who has gold shoes, cars to mobile. He is Sunny Waghchoure, who lives in Maharashtra, who is the biggest fond of Gold. Let’s know about them ….

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Looks With Bollywood Stars

Sunny always appears with Bollywood Celebs. Not only this, Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi is such a special friend. Sunny lives with him wherever he goes. When Vivek Oberoi reached Kapil Sharma’s show to promote the film then Sunny was also with Vivek there, Kapil Sharma was also surprised. At that time, Sunny was wearing gold shoes and a lot of gold on the body. Not only this, they have also been seen with Salman Khan and the rest of the stars.

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Sunny Waghchoure has everything with Gold

  • Sunny is very fond of wearing gold since childhood.
  • Sunny wears many gold chains in the neck.
  • Wear gold rings, bracelet and gold made watch in hand.
  • Not only this, they also have Audi cars of Gold.
  • Those shoes and iPhone are also gold plated.
Indias Golden Boy
Kapil Sharma Shocked

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Live together with bodyguard

It is very difficult to go in front of everyone by wearing so much gold. Sunny is always afraid that something will not go wrong. So they keep two bodyguards with them. Their photos are becoming quite viral on social media. No one can understand why they got so much money? When Sunny reached Kapil’s show, his friend was with him too. He also came wearing a lot of gold.

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