Vishal Rao

Now, In today’s world Throat Cancer is highly increasing disease due to the bad habbits of Tobacco. Throat cancer can harms your Voice as well as your life also. Many of the people in today’s world loose their voice due to Throat Cancer. An Indian Doctor named ‘Dr. Vishal Rao’ from Bengaluru is an oncologist invented a Tremendous device for the people who have lost their voice due to Throat Cancer. And the another surprising thing is the price of this device that weighs of 25 gm only will be available only at Rs. 50. But the currently available artificial Voice-Box devices costs more than Rs. 20,000 and must be replaced in every 6 months.

This is a biggest achievement by an Indian Doctor with cheapest price which helps many of the poor patients. ‘Dr. Vishal Rao’ is an oncologist as well as Head & Neck Surgeon in HCG (Health-Care Global) Cancer Center in Banglore. ‘Dr. Vishal Rao’ said, “During surgeryan voice box of patients will removed and after surgery the patient wants to speak as earlier and it emotionally harms that patient. For helping those patients as well as poor patients who cannot afford high prices devices, they can easily afford this device and can live their life as earlier.”


The device has been named as ‘Aum’ because Dr. Vishal Rao’ said it is the sound which first resonated across the universe. This tremendous device or ‘Aum’ is made up of Slilicone. ‘Aum’ will helps patients to speak as earlier who have lost their voice when the whole voice box has been removed due to Throat Cancer.

For Financial help, ‘Dr. Vishal Rao’ took his friend with him named Shashank Mahesh. Shashank Mahesh, is an Business Man which deals with all the financial aspects of this amazing device project. Because this device has a cost of Rs. 50 so, its also called as $1 Voice-Box to make it with the level of International Standards.

The whole team of TodayIndians salutes to ‘Dr. Vishal Rao’ and gives best wishes for his Tremendous Invention which will make a lot of change in country as well as in all over the world.

“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.”

The whole team of TodayIndians also requests to the people don’t waste your priceless life in Tobacco addict and live a Tobacco Free Life.

Source: Logical Indian