India will built Airport On Hambantota

On the insistence of building a road in Dokalm area, India has created a strategy to teach China a lesson with the help of Sri Lanka. Even though China is plotting to set up its own road network close to the Indian border, but now other countries are coming along with India to stop China’s growing grandfathers in Asia. India will built Airport On Hambantota, Sri Lanka, to tighten the scope of this dastardly China. China has been disturbed by the support of the Sri Lankan government to curb China’s nefarious movements. According to China, he was not expecting that Sri Lankan government could make such a plan in collaboration with India.

India will built Airport On Hambantota

India will built Airport On Hambantota

Please note that Hambantota is a city situated in the south of Sri Lanka, to develop that Sri Lankan government has planned to build new ports and airports there, but these days he was looking for investors in it. Meanwhile, India offered to invest in this project, which Sri Lanka accepted. Actually, Humbertta is one of the busiest shipping lanes from the world. Not only this, it is also a major part of China’s forest belt one road policy. From there it is traded in many parts of Asia and Europe. China has taken the port on lease for 99 years.

Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Seripala said in this regard that we were looking for an investor for this project. Meanwhile, India has shown interest in building an airport on Sri Lanka’s southern island. This will be a joint venture between India and Sri Lanka Government.

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According to news agency Reuters, both India and Sri Lanka will work together on this $ 293 million project. In which 70 percent of India’s share will be leased for 40 years. Being an airport at this important place in India will help him in many cases. At the same time China has been irritated with the news. China has been told that they had no hope of such a joint venture.
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