If Someone Do Not Receive Rs. 10 Coin

The rumors spread that the coins of rupees ten were banned, big businessmen also stopped taking coins as small shopkeepers. So, in the capital only, coins worth 20 lakhs of 10 rupees have got stuck. If Someone Do Not Receive Rs. 10 Coin You Can FIR In Police Station. These coins are now clearly prohibited from taking by the bank.

If Someone Do Not Receive Rs. 10 Coin

On receiving the complaint last week, Collector OP Chaudhary took it seriously. They asked the people to complain against the shopkeepers who refused to accept such coins, as well as to write to the SP and register an FIR in the case.

If Someone Do Not Receive Rs. 10 Coin

In-charge of the district SSP Akbar Ram Corram has instructed all the police officers to take it seriously. However, such a complaint has not yet reached the police station. Here the officials of the bank are reluctant to ask about this.

Case 1

A grocery shopkeeper on the station road urged not to print the name, saying that coins of Rs. 10 are not taking anybody in the market for the last two or three months. In such a situation, six thousand coins are lying. Even after going to the bank, refused to take it there too. There is no response on the question. Now there is compulsion to keep these coins.

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Case 2

Rinku Nayak, who ran a pan-thrust in the station chowk, said that no one was taking 10 pieces of coin. The veggies are refusing to take up. Five thousand coins have been lost in the house for months. They went to the bank and tried to take notes instead of coins, they also refused to take.

Case 3

Businessman Lalit Jaysingh said that due to rumors 10 coins are going out of circulation. They have coins of 10 to 12 thousand rupees lying there. The bankers also refused to accept it; there is no choice but to keep it in such a way.

  • The information about the coins of rupees ten is closed or not, the RBI will get information about this. The bank does not have any official information about it. Anyway, the bank takes a prescribed amount of bank and does not own it, but only returns it to the traders. – Brahma Singh, DGM, State Bank

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  • If the coins of ten rupees are being carried out of the currency without the order of RBI, then it is serious. On receipt of the complaint, action will be taken against the concerned under the currency act.
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