Honeypreet Breaks Silence

Honeypreet, the greatest follower of Ram Rahim, who was serving a sentence in the rape case, finally came out. It is known that Honeypreet is absconding for the past one and a half months. The police is looking for him but Honeypreet has not come to him yet. But now Honeypreet Breaks Silence and come out and told that she is innocent in an interview given to the news channel Aaj Tak.

Honeypreet Breaks Silence On Relations

Also, Honeypreet also broke silence on Ram Rahim and her relations. Honeypreet told the channel that there is a holy relationship between me and my papa. When asked about the disappearance of Honeypreet for so many days, she said that he could not understand anything.

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Honeypreet said that he was very scared. She also said that she went to Haryana from some way to Delhi. Honeypreet said that she will now be a Haryana-Punjab court. When Honeypreet asked questions about surrender, she said that she would seek legal advice about this. When Honeypreet was asked to go to Rohtak with helicopter along with Ram Rahim, she said that she went to the court’s permission.

On the charge of rioting in Panchkula, Honeypreet said that some people were sent for rioting under the conspiracy. She also said that you show a clip like this in which I am saying something or doing it. On the question of accusations made on Ram Rahim, she said that the two girls who have made allegations have come out. Only convicted on the basis of letters.

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Honeypreet breaks silence on the relationship with Ram Rahim, saying that their relationship is quite sacred. She said that our relationship is the same as Pure, which is the relationship of father-daughter. She said that the daughter can not afford to be with her father. It is known that Honeypreet’s former husband, Vishwas Gupta, had alleged that there was an illegal link between Honeypreet and Ram Rahim. On this, Honeypreet said that he does not want to talk about Vishwash Gupta.
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