Heaven's Horse

Just like girls need a prince of dreams, horsemen need a horse from heaven. This heaven is found on earth only. Beauty is such that other animals begin to feel jealous of it and they break their house’s sheen. If the beauty of beautiful animals is guaranteed, then this Heaven’s Horse will be beaten by the oath.

Heaven’s Horse On Earth

Heaven's Horse

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People who refuse to sit in trains like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari, after seeing this horse.The name of this Heaven’s Horse is ‘Akhil Tekay‘. The horses of this race are found in Turkmenistan. Large scientists believe that the rays of the sun rush through this horse’s skin and disperse a different kind of light. It seems that the horse has wear silk clothes.
Are also known for understanding.This horse is also very intelligent. Courage and sense of understanding are filled with codes. By putting them in their eyes, the body’s appearance is quite different from normal looking horses.
1960s heroes of the Olympics

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This horse species was used only for riding. Because there is no answer for their strength. They are quite sturdy and beautiful. This horse was also run in the 1960 Olympics.
Golden Heaven’s Horse.Akhil Tek’ is also known as the Golden Horse.