Haryana Police Failed To Break Honeypreet Silence

Panchkula Violence, Dera has failed to open the mouth of the leader of the Dera chief, Honeypreet, to know the secret of the hidden secret and Ram Rahim in the true deal. Haryana Police Failed To Break Honeypreet Silence. Honeypreet, sent on remand these days, is not cooperating in the investigation, which has not yet revealed any big truth in this high profile case.

Haryana Police Failed To Break Honeypreet Silence

Again once Honeypreet’s remand period ends. It is feared that during the 38-day absconding of Honeypreet. People and those involved in this case have been taught similarly under a conspiracy. Haneepreet and his arrested driver, Rakesh, came face to face while interrogating him during the interrogation, when the two saw each other when asked about the questions of the police and gave a similar reply.

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Please tell that Panchkula Court sent Honeypreet to a 6-day remand, after which the police took him to several places. He was questioned in several rounds, but no big rule has been able to spell out yet. In the last 5 days, neither Honeypreet has correctly answered the questions of the police nor did he have to confess about his relationship between himself and Ram Rahim. Not only that, he does not answer many questions of the police. Now the police is not able to take much rigidity in this high profile case, so the truth is not even visible in front.

Prepared Enough To Hide The Whole Case

Police sources said that during his 38-day absconding, Honeypreet has been prepared enough to hide the whole case. He knows that in this high profile case, the police can not be more strict with him, in such a way he has not cooperated in the investigation. She does not speak on many questions, she says on many questions that she does not know about it. In such a situation, there is a problem in the investigation of the police in front of the police.

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According to sources, recently Honeypreet and his driver Rakesh were interrogated and both were questioned for a long time. During this particular thing, it was revealed that both of them looked at each other. And then they both gave the same answer. Rakesh was kept in the police station from 10 am to 3 pm in the morning.
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