Everyone wants to look beautiful. People try different ways to look slightly different from the crowd. But a man whose natural beauty became fatal for him. Due to the appearance of hands, she had to rebel from her own country. If a person from any country gets headlines in any good case then it is a matter of pride for the country. But it was expensive for this handsome Man to be  and had to leave the country.

handsome Man

Talking about a Saudi Arabian model, actor, fashion photographer and writer, ‘Omar Borkan Al Gala’. Whose smartness and smile were so convincing that girls were ready to give life. Girls had filled their house with gifts and many expensive gifts. Because of its smartness, there are fan followers in the millions of ‘Omar’.Restrictions on moving to a function.

handsome Man

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Why This Handsome Man Left his Country

It was difficult to go to Omar any major function or any religious program. Omar, who was coming out, immediately became part of the crowd. People used to stand for hours to take photographs. Once Umar arrived in Saudi Arabia to participate in a religious program in Riyadh and due to his handsome presence, he became the center of attraction for all. That’s why he was ordered to leave the country.
Married is Omar.

handsome Man

After this incident, Omar left Saudi Arabia and settled in Vancouver (Canada). However, after this controversy, they became even more popular. Omar has been married to Yasmin Oveda for a long time since her boyfriend, and in the month of November, her son was born, whom she named him. Now Omar has done a small house by doing photography.

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Falowsers’ army Umar’s fan follow-up is 30 years old. More than 1 million people follow them on Instagram


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