Hair fall Home Remedies

The fall of hair is a common problem, but balancing it does not seem too late for baldness. The problem of baldness is not only for men. A research has shown that the problem of baldness in women is also increasing rapidly in women.You can do these Hair fall Home Remedies with ease. The reason for this is the lack of nutrient content in the catering, stress, pollution and hormone imbalance.

Here Are Hair fall Home Remedies

Grow black gram regularly and eat it. Consumption of foods containing Vitamin B and C more.Eat ghee and massage ghee in the hair joints.Some women begin sensitivity to male hormone androgen. Such women suffer from the disease of androgenic alveocia.

Hair fall Home Remedies

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There are many types of hair flowing in women, and there is no fixed form of it. This can be due to alopecia erita, which is fiercely disturbed by the body’s resistance and causes hair to fall head from place to place.Follow these Hair fall Home Remedies.
Nutritious food.

Hair fall Home Remedies

We can not ignore catering for good health of hair. The more good you eat the better the skin and the hair. According to the dietician and nutritionist, there is a great lack of nutrition due to the fall and baldness of hair. Protein in the diet for good health
It is important to incorporate things with dimensions and vitamins. For example, milk, pulses, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

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Do not do

Hair fall Home RemediesHair spray hair gel and styling creams are damaging fads, which make the skin of the head curl and make the hair weak. So stay away from them as far as possible. Apart from this, hair treatments like-parmaging, coloring and straightening also cause hair loss.

Direct sunlight, pollution, rain water and dust-dust harm the hair. So follow these tips to avoid them.