GTA 5 Udta Punjab –

GTA 5 Udta Punjab – Whiskey kahan hai pencho

Everybody knows Youtube is the most weird place on the planet which has the most undiscovered gems than we can find and one of the awesome undiscovered gem is the GTA 5 hard dubbed with Punjabi language in the latest released movie UDTA PUNJAB style.

A genius dubbed over GTA 5 Game in Punjabi which gives the feel of “Tommy Singh” from Udta Punjab to a character in GTA 5. All knew that Udta Punjab is available on the internet but didn’t know it was available in this like this LOL !

GTA 5 Udta Punjab

GTA 5 Udta Punjab

Here’s a sentence, never thought to write ever. But just imagine that you’re playing GTA 5 and suddenly you hear “Whiskey kahan hai pencho?

Watch this Udta Punjab version of GTA 5 without giggling just only with your geek friends or alone.


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