Growth Rate Down From 5.7 Per Cent

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted the first slowdown in the economy on Wednesday Growth Rate Down From 5.7 Per Cent, but he told the critics that he did not spread the negativity and at the same time he promised to bring the economy back on track.

Growth Rate Down From 5.7 Per Cent

Modi said, in the last three years, the rate of decline has come down to 7.5 percent. I do not deny it The government is fully committed to dealing with the problem of economy. We are ready to make decisions.

Growth Rate Down From 5.7 Per Cent

SIT Constitutes Government As Soon As

Modi said that SIT was formed as soon as our government was formed. The Supreme Court had asked for it many years ago and our government did the work in the first cabinet. Strict labws were made for black money deposited abroad, tax treated with new countries and changes in old agreements were made. BankerPassy codes were created. Anonymous property law was stuck for 28 years. The hanging GST has been applied for many years. This government also dared to take a decision on demountitization.

The government has worked to strengthen institutional integrity in the country. This is the result of the relentless labor of the government that the country’s economy is running in low cash. Cash-to-GDP ratio is 9%. On November 8th, the day of campaign for corruption will be considered in the history. Before this date, the ratio was 12 percent. If a new period of integrity had not started in the country’s economy then was it possible? Who knows better than you, how easily black money transactions were done first. Now it has to think 50 times to do this.

How To Tackle The Economists Of Criticism

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Taking another string of people criticizing the economy, Modi said, the surgery was in the Mahabharata. It was charioteer of Karna. They used to do discouragement. Not a surgical person, it is an instinct, which is not only Mahabharata but also in today’s era. When the dawn came, people said this. People can not say anything. Some people enjoy enjoying frustration, by doing so they sleep better at night.

Growth Rate Down From 5.7 Per Cent

For such people, nowadays, the growth of one quarter is low, like the biggest dream has been completed. These people need to recognize. When the data is favorable, the institute also looks good and the process also looks right. As soon as the data goes against their expectations, the institute and its people also seem to be getting worse. It is important to identify such people before reaching any result. By the time you will not know the surgical instinct, there will be difficulties in the path of truth. Do you think GDP growth in the country has reached 5.7% in any quarter?

Modi Says-I Am Not An Economist

Modi said, some of these people started publicity that there is a mess in the way to decide the GDP. Then on the basis of the data were not speaking on the basis of filing. Companions, as soon as rates decreased in the last two quarters, they started feeling good that some of our minds are happening. I am neither an economist nor have I ever claimed such a claim. But today I want to move to flashback.
Will remove GST’s drawbacks

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Referring to GST, Modi said, “GST has been three months, we have taken a backseat of finer things. We told the GST Council that review the difficulties that the traders have to review them. All parties and all state governments should talk together and talk about its change. I want to convince the traders that we are not the focus of the streak nor do they claim that all knowledge is with us. Our intention is to go in a new direction, whatever changes we have to make within three months, the government is together for them.

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