Google Gave Right Read Mail Developers

Google Gave Right Read Mail Developers: If you think your Gmail account is safe then you are wrong. The fact is that all your e-mails are being read and your Gmail account also has a third person e-mail other than Google. Yes, a report reveals that third-party app developers can read e-mail from millions of Gmail users. It has been revealed in a report by the Wall Street general.

Google Gave Right Read Mail Developers-

Screenshots of Gmail access settings have also been shared in the report. The screenshots can be seen cleaned-up so that developers can read the e-mail ID, time and full message of the users ‘ personal information that is being sent to the mail. The only thing to consider is that the users who are being consented to will read or to the computer.

The same Google has also told the English website the Verge on the matter that this right has been given to some experienced third party app developers and that developers are agreeing to users. Let’s tell you that a few days ago Google had said that it would not scan your users for the e-mail for advertising.

Google has also reported that some developers were applying it for Gmail account access, Google dismissed the application even though Google hasn’t cleaned up how many companies and how much developers were applying for it.

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