Google apologizes Modi pictures top 10 Criminal India

Google apologizes Modi pictures top 10 Criminal India: Google on Wednesday apologized “for any disarray or misjudging” caused after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pictures begun showing up in picture indexed lists for question on ‘Top 10 crooks (Criminal) in India’.

Google apologizes Modi pictures top 10 Criminal India-

“These outcomes inconvenience us and are not intelligent of the sentiments of Google. Now and then, the manner in which pictures are portrayed on the web can yield astonishing outcomes to particular inquiries. We apologize for any perplexity or misconception this has caused. We’re persistently attempting to enhance our calculations to counteract startling outcomes like this,” a Google representative said in an announcement.

Google said that outcomes to the question “top 10 crooks in India” was because of a British every day which had a picture of Modi and wrong metadata.

It said that for this situation, the picture list items were drawn from various news articles with pictures of Modi and his announcements as to legislators with criminal foundation.

The representative included that the news articles don’t interface Modi to criminal movement, and the words just showed up in closeness to each other.

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