girls work with Cobra to look beautiful

As soon as you hear the name of a snake, the first feeling in the mind is fearful. It is known to everyone that snake venom is so dangerous that it is almost impossible to avoid the person after cutting. These girls work with Cobra to look beautiful. Despite this, in many countries of the world, people are not afraid of these snakes at all, but they kill these poisonous snakes and eat them. One such country is Indonesia, where people eat snakes made of snakes, and they also drink the poisonous cobra’s blood with great passion.

Girls Work With Cobra To Look Beautiful –

girls work with Cobra to look beautiful

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To look beautiful, it is a unique practice to drink cobra’s blood in Indonesia. The people here believe that the use of blood of poisonous cobra snake makes the skin shiny and beauty also increases. Even though this may sound strange to hear, but this is true. People of Indonesia are only people who drink cobra’s blood like tea coffee to look beautiful and attractive. The cobra’s blood in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, drinks men to repair their health and women drink their skin to make them beautiful.

 The soldiers of the snakes are alive alive –

girls work with Cobra to look beautiful

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Let us tell you that cobra is sold in most areas of Jakarta and some people also eat its meat. Looking at the growing demand for cobra’s blood. Shopkeepers cut thousands of snakes daily and sell them in shops at 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. Overnight, these sellers earn between Rs. 5 and 10 lakhs. There is also a news that soldiers of Indonesia are trained to survive by drinking the snake’s blood in opposite conditions during the war. Similar training was given to the US Army during Indonesia visit.
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