Fraud Of 50 Lakhs Of Rupees

One such case of online fraud has surfaced, after listening, you will press the fingers under the teeth. Shivam Chopra, a 21-year-old youth from Delhi. Fraud Of 50 Lakhs Of Rupees cheated the e-commerce website Amazon India Rs 50 lakh.

Fraud Of 50 Lakhs Of Rupees

Amazon had complained to the police after the information about the crime being investigated in the internal investigation. After this the police arrested the youth last week. Shivam, who had done the course of Hotel Management, had ordered the phone from Amazon with a different name and address, and after receiving the delivery, he used to say that he got a blank box. In this way, he used to claim a refund in the company and took 166 smartphones refund from Amazon.

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In this way he has done a fraud of Rs 50 lakh with the company. It was started by Shivam from March. He ordered the first two phones and was successful in getting a refund. After that, he ordered Apple, Samsung and OnePlus smartphones in April and May. He had filed a refund of 225 mobile and the company gave him a refund of 166 phones.

Shivam Used To Sell These Phones

After refund, Shivam used to sell these phones in the OLX or Gaffar market. Sachin Jain, the owner of a telecom store living near his house, had sold it for 141 pre-activated SIM 150 rupees per SIM. Through this he used to order a phone in different names and later he would take refund of the phone by claiming to be a blank box.

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In this case, the police has also arrested Sachin Jain. DCP (North-West) Milind Dumbre said that in order to ignore this fraud, Shivam used 141 SIM cards and 50 e-mail IDs. Shivam had also created several accounts on Amazon. When delivery boy came with mobile he also paid cash. Police has seized 19 mobile, 12 lakh cash and 40 bank pass books from him.
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